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Alessia Cappello portrait by Brian Hallet for Inside Out Project IE University

The Spark - Ignite Your Mind

In 2019, I started a newsletter to a few friends called The Spark. Now, it's open to the public.

Over the last 2 years, the email list grew and it became a pleasant moment you, the readers, expect to find in your inbox. 

I am very considerate of your inbox, I do not share random and unrelated links.

You can expect a well crafted email which include my latest posts, and can contain guides, in depth articles that may be helpful to you (regardless of your role), thought-provoking books and insightful podcasts. Occasionally I’ll also share videos or movies that are worth watching in your down-time. 

If you wish to see what you can expect, here you can find a past issue

Start your week on the right foot, join The Spark's readers!

Testimonials for The Spark

"Loved your newsletter 🙏🏻😍 thanks for sharing it!"
- Sabrina

"You should send your newsletter more often!"
- Alexandra

"This is so cool! I’m gonna be waiting for every issue."
- Nidhi

"I always enjoy your newsletters, they make me feel good!"
- Silvia

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