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Alessia Cappello portrait by Brian Hallet for Inside Out Project IE University

The Spark - Ignite Your Mind

In 2019, I started a newsletter to a few friends called The Spark. Now, it's open to the public.

Over the last 2 years, the email list grew and it became a pleasant moment you, the readers, expect to find in your inbox. 

I am very considerate of your inbox, I do not share random and unrelated links.

You can expect a well crafted email which can contain guides, in depth articles that may be helpful to you (regardless of your role), thought provoking books and insightful podcasts. Occasionally I’ll also share videos or movies that are worth watching in your down-time. 

If you wish to see what you can expect, here you can find a past issue. 

Start your week on the right foot, join The Spark's readers!

Testimonials for The Spark

"Loved your newsletter 🙏🏻😍 thanks for sharing it!"
- Sabrina

"You should send your newsletter more often!"
- Alexandra

"This is so cool! I’m gonna be waiting for every issue."
- Nidhi

"I always enjoy your newsletters, they make me feel good!"
- Silvia