Alessia Cappello winking portrait by Brian Hallet for Inside Out Project IE University

Ciao! I'm Alessia,

I’m Italian, bilingual English and fluent in Spanish. Currently based in Madrid (Spain), I’m a digital marketer by day, Mentor at IE University by night, and passionate about the intersection between technology and culture in between.

As Head of Special Projects, I'm a jack of all trades and dabble day by day with projects from ideation to management and budgeting.
As a mentor to students attending the Master in Visual and Digital Media at IE University, where I coach students on:

  • Time Management, 
  • Personal Knowledge Management, 
  • Networking Online
  • and more…

I am well known for my determination and the ability to make what seem to be complex and impossible to achieve real, you could call me a solution seeker. 

Want a sneak peek of what I am capable of? Well, as a Masters student I pitched, persuaded and managed to get support (and financed) by IE University to take part in a global artistic action that led to plastering the main building of the institution with gigantic portraits of students, alumni, faculty and staff. Below you’ll see a video of this notable accomplishment.

If you wish to know more about my professional career, LinkedIn would be the best place to do so, if you wish for me to consult you, or your business, you can contact me directly.

This site hosts all of my writing on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, economics and more. You will also find my Book Notes and all the projects I have worked on.

If you are a curious mind, you should sign up to The Spark. It's a weekly email which includes everything I have found interesting.


"Alessia ha trabajado 1 año en el departamento de marketing y comunicación de Nielsen desempeñando una labor impecable. Gran sentido de la responsabilidad, carácter afable, constante búsqueda de soluciones y herramientas tecnológicas para conseguir mejores resultados, organizada y eficiente, son sólo algunas de las características que le definen"
- Elena Alonso, Marketing & Communication Lead Spain & Portugal, Nielsen IQ

"Hardworking, committed and intelligent, Alessia is an excellent colleague and it was a privilege to work with her. I believe that she would be a great acquisition to any company that she could work for. Congratulations, Alessia for your excellent work!"
- Marta Correia, External Communications (EU Region), Nielsen IQ

"Loved your newsletter 🙏🏻😍 thanks for sharing it!"
- Sabrina

"This is so cool! I’m gonna be waiting for every issue."
- Nidhi

"I always enjoy your newsletters, they make me feel good!"
- Silvia

"Thank you for mentoring us during the last few months of this crazy Master's - I really appreciated your tips for the job search and networking."
- Adrianna, Master in Visual and Digital Media mentee

Notable Accomplishments:

Having brought the global participatory art project Inside Out Project at IE Business School. The project had resonance in Spanish media (e.g. ABC, La Vanguardia, El Periódico, The Luxonomist - Mediaset España, Antena 3...).

Bocconi Startup Day banner

In 2017 I was one of the chosen participants of Bocconi StartUp Day, where I had the chance to present my startup idea: Seekety, which aims to connect the art and culture world to the digital world, to potential investors, mentors and accelerators.

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