Build Your Dream Network - J. Kelly Hoey

Rating: 9/10

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This is the book that mostly affected my networking. It is full of practical advice which can be implemented straight away. It is not based only on attending industry events and its tips will work perfectly for both extroverts and introverts.

Book Takeaways: 

Networking is an ongoing process of establishing and strengthening relationships.

Mentors, advisors, role models, and diverse networks provide the support for possibilities and encourage us to jump beyond our biggest hesitations.

Successful networking requires understanding the immense power of regular daily activities to connect with someone else. These are all networking activities: Your e-mail signature line The wording of your out-of-office autoresponder Your voicemail message Your profile on a website An update posted on your LinkedIn profile (or the headline you use on LinkedIn) Your headshot on a social media profile Your bio as a speaker or award recipient or board appointee Your invoice The music that plays when a customer is on hold Participating in a Twitter chat

Consistent actions produce results more often than serendipitous encounters with a dream client on an airplane.

Sharing information generously with your network may not have the same world-changing results; however, chances are you can achieve something more powerful by connecting with others. Don’t be a hoarder of information; share it and make something happen with it.

Maintaining and nurturing relationships takes thoughtfulness. It doesn’t mean nonsensical, or overly casual, check-ins and e-mail updates; it means learning to ask the right questions so you can discern how your time can be best used to forward that relationship. It means always communicating with intention to add value.

Time is a limited resource, so seek other people’s time wisely. For example, you don’t want to waste someone’s time (and your chance to make a valuable career connection) with general background questions in an informational interview. By doing your research in advance, you will be prepared to ask more detailed, specific questions that will gain you valuable insight. Another networking given is to follow up. Send the thank-you note.

It’s a people-driven economy, and tech is a wonderful enabler of the communication process.